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We believe that success emanates from individuals who want and are willing to commit their engagement to the task at hand.  In short, people who easily assume responsibility and who know how to create value.

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Anders Renander

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Andreas Löfgren

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Andreas Abrahamsson

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Andrew Cotton

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Anna Söderlund

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Bercem Fritzell

Read more p Bercem Fritzell Rumbline 2015 05 11 003 print

Bo Halvdansson

Read more s Bo Halvdansson Rumbline 2016 03 21 014 web

Catarina Frank

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Claes-Henrik Claesson

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Daniel Rados

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David Sundblad

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Deborah Soccorsi

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Elisabet Backlund

Read more p Elisabet Backlund Rumbline 2015 05 11 011 print copy

Eric Kjellén

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Erik Svensson

Read more p Erik Svensson Rumbline 2015 05 11 009 print copy

Erik Johnsson

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Erik Hamlin

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Fredrik Millert

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Fredrik Hammargren

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Glenn Cavander

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Gyrid Staaf

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Henna Murto

Read more SetWidth300 Henna Murto web

Henrik Svantesson

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Henrik Sidén

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Inger Wilén

Read more p Inger Wilen Rumbline 2015 05 13 002 print copy

Jeanette Berner

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Jens Holm

Read more s Jens Holm Rumbline 2016 09 22 004 Screen edit

Joachim Ales

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Johan Skogberg

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Kajsa Domeij

Read more p Kajsa Domeij Rumbline 2015 05 11 009 print copy

Kristina Trollsås

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Lena Kelbel

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Liselotte Gustafsson

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Lotta Lilja

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Magnus Kjellberg

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Malin Widén

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Marie Lassesson

Business area manager Public sector
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Markus Brändström

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Martin Olsson

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Mats Ahlbäck

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Mats Liljedahl

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Mattias Boström

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Mia Alsterklint

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Michael Magnerius

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Mikael Przysuski

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Mikael Lindström

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Navin Khera

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Otto Wilhelmsson

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P-O Radig

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Paula Ludvigsen

Read more s Paula Ludvigsen Rumbline 2016 03 21 015 web

Per Lundeberg

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Per Nordlund

Read more p Per Nordlund Rumbline 2015 05 13 008 print copy

Per Ininbergs

Business area manager Capital Markets
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Pernilla Sollerhed

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Sasan Enajati

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Stefan Lindh

Vice President
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Tom Andersson

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Tomas Palfors

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