Test Management & Test Strategy

Our knowledgeable test managers can help with everything from establishing a strategy for test management, leading the practical work, to developing the way testing is done, for example, by creating automated tests.

Program & Project Audit

Sometimes it is useful to get a second opinion before launching a new project as a way to assure that the project is correctly planned. Other times one may have worked in a project for some time but feel unsure as to where the project is heading in relation to the business targets.

Here, Rumbline has lot of practical experience to contribute with. How does one assure that the necessary prerequisites are in place before starting? Is there a clear connection to the key business targets? What needs to be part of a realistic plan, and at what level of detail? Is the budget reasonable? How does one assure relevant steering and control of the progress of the project, both from an economic and practical standpoint?  How should the steering group work in order to support the project in an optimal way? How shall one act in order to assure that one really reaches the benefits one has calculated with?

There are many questions. You can save both time and money by engaging Rumbline. Our specialists can give you advice about concrete and easy-to-use methods and tools that create structure, control and overview. We also offer support such as coaching and advising during on-going projects.