Program & Project Management

Rumbline’s experienced project managers assume responsibility for projects on all levels - from development projects or feasibility studies lasting a few months to extensive business-critical projects that may extend over several years and many countries. We have several consultants with different alignments to the business model, regulatory compliance, system implementation and technology. The common denominator is a sound and practical approach to leadership and to implementing change that yields the intended results in a cost-efficient manner.

Analysis & Reconstruction

Sometimes, things don’t work out the way they were intended. Rumbline has developed an efficient method for project assessment that quickly gives an overview of the project. Some of our consultants are especially used to stepping in to a challenging situation where something has gone off track and the project derailed. They use their experience to quickly analyse facts to get an overview of the situation, suggest what measures are needed and, if needed, take the lead to get the project on track again.