Business Support

Specialists in the banking, insurance and public sectors

An important part of our offer builds on practical experience from change management combined with deep specialist competence from the banking, insurance and public sectors. This means that we efficiently can help with operative assignments while also contributing stellar experience from change management.

Some examples of our services:

  • Inquiries and decision-making basis
  • Requirement management
  • Operational development
  • Offering development
  • Implementation of regulatory frameworks
  • Actuary services
  • Tendering services
  • Legal competence

IT Management

In IT Management, we have experienced leaders who can support with anything related to the IT-side of the business. Often, our customer’s goal is to secure and streamline operations to track and support the business requirements in a steady and cost-efficient way. In this area, we have large experience to share, whether it is to review routines, secure competence change, risk management or crisis plans, to managing change and transition.

Tendering and agreements is an area where we have specialist competence, for example within outsourcing, functionality studies, in assuring that an agreement meets the right security and cost level in relation to the demand specification, and how to create and implement cooperation models that work. Other areas of expertise include building up a helpdesk, support organizations, implementation of ITIL and packaging of services.

Interim management is another way to engage our services within operations, production or development or as CIO, CTO or IT Manager.