Our speciality

Change management in the banking, insurance and public sectors

Digitalization transforms. First gradually, then suddenly. The game plan and rules change and the world around us is growing increasingly complex. Making the right decisions and priorities have never been more important. The new global environment demands innovation and implementing power. Regulatory frameworks, legislative changes and economic demands complicate the situation.

Rumbline offers change management with the right know-how and experience. We take the full picture and place your challenges and opportunities in the right context. We give practical advice, realize ideas and ensure targets are met during implementation. 

We specialize in managing extensive change work in the banking, insurance and public sectors. We have a deep understanding of the operative environment and with most of the major standard systems in use today. With tested methodology and practical experience, we help our customers succeed through all phases of the change process, both on the operative and the IT levels.

Our customers

Among our customers are both established brand names and innovators. We work with the big banks, insurers, public authorities as well as with a number of niche players connected to the financial sector.

Sometimes our customers have a clear idea about what they want to achieve and need help to plan and lead the preparatory work and implementation in an efficient way. Other times, they seek help to develop an idea or to lay down a plan for a strategic move. Rumbline’s experienced consultants are available with everything from practical advice and ideas to practical leadership and follow-up on results.