About us

When we founded Rumbline in 2007, we were driven by a new view on value-creation. We envisioned a down-to-earth company with a clear focus on satisfied customers as well as employees. We wanted to minimize unnecessary hassle. The journey to satisfied customers starts with our consultants. Having the right competence and background is a given, but not enough to reach the whole way. Every consultant must also feel healthy, comfortable and be motivated for the assignments our customers give us.

In order to get it to work, we need as humans a set of committed targets and clear values that provide guidance as to how we take care of each other and how we behave in demanding assignments. Here we found the key to how Rumbline shall create value for all parts, both in delivery and in long-term relations.

Our soul

We believe that our vision and values sum up who we are and what drives us:

Our Vision: Highest Trust

Everything we do reflects back to this. All our historical and future successes builds on our ability to create and sustain mutual trust.

Our Values

From day to day, our values are an important part of the puzzle that keeps our vision alive:



We are individuals who want and who can. We believe that success stems from individuals who want to and are committed to investing in the task at hand, who take responsibility for the assignment. With commitment and responsibility, we achieve stated targets, effects and quality.



We care about the people we work with. That relates to customers, partners and colleagues. We also think it is important to find moments between work to have fun. With happiness one reaches much further.



We believe that sincerity and respect are prerequisites for building confidence both in day-to day situations and in extremely pressed situations.



We always work in teams with our customers and we know that it is the team that is the secret to success. Every consultant at Rumbline has access to a network of knowledgeable colleagues.